Friday, April 15, 2011

Still pluggin' along

Today was my third weigh-in day. I have to say, I was a bit nervous when my tootsies hit the scale. All I wanted was to lose .2 lb, which would have taken my total weight loss to 5 lbs. Much to my surprise, I lost 2.4 lbs, giving me a total weight loss of 7.2 lbs in 3 weeks. Not too shabby! I haven't been to the gym in exactly two weeks (yikes!), so it really shocked me that eating healthy was enough to warrant a 2.4 lb weight loss.

Speaking of the gym...I really, really, REALLY want to go back. Unfortunately, my strep throat/sinus infection turned into bronchitis, and I spent the better part of those two weeks I missed coughing and hacking and expelling great quantities of oddly-colored mucus from my lungs. Good times. Because I'm super lucky and have asthma as well, I really didn't want to make things worse by going to the gym before my body was completely healed. Well...the cough is (FINALLY) gone, so my (slightly smaller) butt will be back at the gym on Monday. The kids have new "babing soups" they want to break in, so we may possibly go up tomorrow for open swim. It's going to be rainy (again, big surprise) so there won't be anything fun keeping us from going. Aaaaaaand I just realized I have a lunch date with a friend on Monday, so if I do go to the gym, it won't be until the late afternoon/early evening. I guess that's doable. I definitely don't need any more excuses/reasons not to work out!

So I've been doing a lot of sewing this past week, and I found out that it has a wonderful side effect. When I'm caught up doing a project, and my mind and hands are occupied, I don't go into bovine mode and graze all night. Eureka! I think I've found a way to re-train myself not to eat everything edible in the entire house at night. I bought a big pile of fabric and a stack of patterns yesterday, so I definitely have enough projects to work on for quite a while. I'm really encouraged by my weight loss and I really want to keep this momentum going. Norah and I are going to have a whole new wardrobe of handmade clothes by the end of this! And hopefully I'll have to practice my tailoring skills by taking them in week after week as I shrink. Ooooh, I really like the sound of that!


  1. You're doing great! I can't wait to see your new clothes! :D

  2. I miss your posts. Hope all is going well with you. You're in my thoughts and prayers!

  3. I linked to your blog via the fabulous Dana. I'm right there with ya on this freakin' roller coaster of weight loss/management/gain/lose again...oy. It's been 2 months since you posted, I hope you are still pluggin' along.