Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I like to move it, move it.

(If you have kids, chances are, you're singing that song from "Madagascar 2" in your head right now. I know I am.)

When I was considering all of the workout places I could join, I had it narrowed down to two: Curves and the Y. I liked the idea of the get-in-get-out workout at Curves, but didn't like that there was absolutely no variety at all. The Y, however, is full of different things to do. Plus, for the cost, I could get a family membership at the Y for just a little more than I would pay for myself only at Curves. It was an easy decision to choose the Y as my gym. Yesterday, I took a tour before I joined, and let me just say, I am EXCITED! Our local Y is chock full of activities to get me moving and grooving. One of the things that excites me the most is the pool. Friday, I will take my first water aerobics class!

It's for senior citizens. I'm pretty sure they'll swim circles around me.

But I'm cool with that! As I've previously mentioned, three-toed sloths and garden slugs are more active than I am, what with my fitness level being somewhere around -28. I like the idea of starting slowly and working my way up. I think if I try to start out at too high of a fitness level, I'll most likely fail magnificently. So Friday morning, I shall undertake my first SeniorSplash water aerobics class. I'm not concerned about getting into a bathing suit since I've gotten to the point where my suit consists of a turtleneck and capris. Okay,'s a tank and swim shorts, but you get the point. My dear friend Kim suggested that for our 40th birthdays (mine is this December and hers is next February) we wear bikinis. I don't know about all that, but I'd like to at least get to a point where the thought of a bikini doesn't make me turn green and feel bilious.

The Y also has an Express Training Area (ETA) which is similar to the circuit at Curves. Tomorrow, I have orientation on that, so hopefully after I learn how it works, I can actually use it. The cool thing is that Jake can use that area with me, and he's excited about coming with me and working out. All three kids are looking forward to taking swim lessons, and Norah has decided that when she turns six she's joining the swim team. (They could all join if they wanted--I'd be completely thrilled if they actually wanted to do something sports-related!) I'm pretty sure Todd will never willingly set foot in the Y, but hopefully the kids and I can convince him that coming with us will be fun and not akin to torture.

Some day soon, I hope to take advantage of all the classes they have, which include Zumba and yoga. I have to admit, the monthly fee and the fact that I'm locked into a contract for a year is a powerful motivator. I really don't want to spend $60 a month on something I'm not using. That's just idiotic. But even more than that, I think this will be a great way to not only get myself up and moving, but my kids as well. The family that plays together stays together, right?


  1. I love water aerobics! which Y did you join? my local one doesn't have a pool and I need one. Good luck to you ! this is great for the whole family. my sister loved the Y when they used to go.


  2. I am so proud of you!!! I have decided to take this journey with you and I will start using my Y membership more than just driving by the building...LOL.
    The kids LOVE going to our Y....they have a Teen Hub (for Tweens) and Kid care for the younger kids. PLUS free swimming...INDOORS!!! Pefect for rainy days :)

  3. Look at you GO, Jen! You're tackling this head-on...the Steelers would be proud. :) I think I'll call them (we're tight, yo) and let them know what an awesome job you're doing. Yeah, I'm THAT cool. ;)

  4. Josie, I joined the Mon Valley Y. It's 10 minutes from my house, and has both an indoor and outdoor pool. That was a HUGE selling point for us!

    Jenn, I am so excited to have you on this journey with me! It's kind of boring and lonely without anybody else on it, so I welcome the company!

    Lori, while you're on the phone with them, could you score me some free tickets? Preferably for one of the games early in the season. I don't handle the cold well. You'd think with all of this padding I'd never be cold, but alas, it doesn't work that way. And yes, you are DEFINITELY *that* cool! ;)

  5. OK, we're gonna join too. We are! D says we can pay for a whole year up front. I hope ours has one of those ETA thingies too, and that Maddy can use it with me. I'm excited! For you and for me!